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Here are my top two reasons to consider a new-build

Posted By David Shippey @ Feb 5th 2024 10:26am In: Winter Haven News

Here are my top two reasons to consider a new-build:

1) Builders often offer incentives!

Some builders pay your closing costs. When purchasing a new home, this can amount to as much as $13,000 of savings! Some builders buy down your interest rate. This can reduce your monthly mortgage payments. Some builders offer an upgrade package (like an appliance upgrade) at no additional cost to you.

2) Brand new means... N E W!

On a well-built home, this means you should not have any serious maintenance or repair demands for the next 12-15 years. This can be a HUGE savings. Don't want to wait 9-12 months to build a home from scratch? Many builders have move-in ready homes available or ones that will be completed within the next 60 days.

Did you know that a Realtor can help you buy a new home from a builder? Many customers think they must go it alone in this situation, and that's simply not true! As a Realtor, I can help you explore the builder options in your area and provide insight to help you make the best decision for you and your situation.

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