David Shippey

So, What Phase Of Covid Are We In?

On September 25, 2020, Florida entered Phase 3 of the Covid guidelines. What does that mean? It means businesses are permitted to open their doors at 100% capacity if they are ready to do so. We still need to wear masks, gloves, sanitize your hands often, and practice social distancing.

Welcome to Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate By Design. We are still in a Seller’s Market. This means we have buyers, but our inventory is very low. If you have been thinking about selling your home, now is still a good time to list your home.

If you are looking to buy your next home, there are several nice homes available. Unfortunately, unless they need repair, they will not be a steal of a price. The good news is that prices are still increasing each year. It is difficult to predict the future. I believe the interest rates offered make it a good decision to purchase now. I suspect interest rates will be higher one year from now along with home prices.

I was prequalified a couple of months ago to purchase a home. Is that still good? It may still be. It just takes a phone call to make sure. During the many months of covid, many banks have tightened their requirements to purchase a home. Call your lender to be sure. You need to make sure you can buy a home before looking at homes.

What About New Homes From A Builder?

Do I need a Realtor if I am buying a New Home directly from the Builder? Yes, I would recommend that you use a Realtor on new homes too. I help many buyers buy new homes. I work with all the Builders. Working with a Realtor does not increase your sales price to pay our commission. Builders pay our commissions out of their marketing fund. Your home will be the same price whether you use a Realtor, or you do not use a Realtor. You might as well use a Realtor and their expertise to guide you through the new home process.

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